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East Asia Institute Fellows Program Now Accepting Applicants
April 14, 2014

The EAI Fellows Program provides opportunities for Ph.D.-level East Asia specialists in the area of social sciences (including political science, international relations, sociology, public policy, etc.) to conduct research and interact with scholars and students. This inter-regional and inter-disciplinary approach encourages Fellows to grasp the first-hand knowledge of the region and build a solid commitment to the study of East Asia.

Official objectives of the program include: 1) providing East Asia-specialized scholars with the opportunities to experience and enhance their understanding of the East Asian region, and encouraging interdisciplinary research in the study of East Asia, 2) promoting academic exchange and communication among scholars from both the East Asian and non-East Asian regions to build intellectual networks among East Asia specialists throughout the world, and 3) educating students of East Asia through lectures and seminars.

A Ph.D or other corresponding qualification is required; the Fellows Program provides funds ranging from $6,000 to $10,000 (USD). The grant covers an honorarium for the article, seminars and lectures, as well as the cost of ground transportation, round-trip economy-class international air transportation, hotel accommodation, meals, and a per diem for a two-week (or three-week) stay in East Asia. The EAI and participating institutions, will help in arranging the research travel, including transportation, hotel accommodation, and other research activities. The deadline to apply is July 30, 2014 for the 2014-2015 program.

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