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USF Identifies Faculty Fulbright Resources
July 30, 2014

The Core Fulbright Scholars program awards teaching and research grants to over 125 countries worldwide for up to 12 months. USF faculty interested in the program have multiple resources available to assist with the application process, including writing coaches, former country experts, and collegial mentors. Dr. Darlene DeMarie, USF’s Faculty Fulbright Advisor, organizes these services as well as several workshops in order to assist faculty who plan on applying. These workshops include “How to Locate the Right Fulbright”, “Establishing Connections”, “Writing a Narrative”, and more. Since April, Dr. DeMarie has met with 40 faculty members.

The Deadline for this year’s Core Fulbright Scholar Program application is August 1st. Dr. DeMarie is currently helping applicants with final revisions to their proposals, as well as beginning to plan next year’s workshops. She is optimistic about next year’s applicants, and believes there will be more successes than ever. She is “already establishing a pipeline of people who said they wanted to apply next year”, and is excited to begin working with them.

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