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Lecturer from London’s Bartlett School of Architecture Builds on USF Summer Program
October 28, 2014

The Bartlett School of Architecture, part of the University College London, is one of the leading architecture schools in the world. Known for its exceptional resources, international collaboration, and innovative students, USF architecture students have the opportunity to attend the Bartlett School for a summerLab program. The summer program is a workshop series which focuses on architecture for social and community needs. The program uses East London as its “laboratory” for research on this subject.

Dr. Camillo Boano, Director of Bartlett’s DPU Building and Urban Design Development Department, will be on campus as a guest lecturer on October 28, 2014. He will be discussing thesis projects with students that participated in the summerLab 2014, as well as participating in the MidTerm presentation of graduate advance design studio titled “Depoliticizing Verticality”. Dr. Boano is a Senior Lecturer at The Bartlett Development Planning Unit, and has over 20 years of experience in research, design consultancies, and development work all over the globe.

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