Lindsey O’Brien Will Go to China for International Chinese Bridge Competition
May 30, 2016

Every spring, the USF Confucius Institute hosts a competition of Chinese language and cultural talents for local college and high school students.

This year the top two students, Lindsey O’Brien from USF and Valerik Roumi from Pine View School, went to the University of Texas at Dallas on April 24 for the regional competition O’Brien won second place and Roumi placed third. Because the first place winner is unable to go to China for the month-long international competition, O’Brien becomes the official representative for all CIs in the southern U.S. to compete with contestants from dozens of countries in late July.

O’Brien has an undergraduate degree in music education with minor in Chinese. She is a very talented student and artist. She worked as a CI assistant and volunteered for cultural events and was just awarded a CI Scholarship to study in China next year. With support from her teachers and CI staff, she will surely impress the Chinese judges and audience with her excellent presentation and talented performance. O’Brien hopes to improve her skill in playing the Chinese ancient instrument guqin and later introduce the music to an American audience.

Congratulations, Lindsey!