CI news update for Mid-Autumn Festival and CCC cultural activities (Fall 2017)
November 25, 2017

Impressive Cultural Activities of the Fall Semester

Right after the Confucius Institute Day event, we celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival on October 2 at the University of South Florida (USF) Marshall Student Center Ballroom. More than 600 USF and community participants tasted moon cakes and enjoyed a variety of performances by professional and talented students. The performances included the opening Dragon Dance by the Mt. Song Martial Art Academy, dances by local Chinese American dance groups, qipao show by the Qipao Association of Overseas Chinese, a Chinese song by soprano Jingyi Wang (dean of the QU College of Arts), and several talent shows by American and Chinese students. For a selection of the event photos, please visit the USF World Facebook page.

The event was sponsored by the USF Confucius Institute and Chinese Students & Scholars Association. Co-sponsors included USF World, INTO USF, Chinese Culture & Language Club, and community organizations.

From October to November, in addition to CI lectures and other events, we organized three cultural activities attended by almost 300 students and community members. They are:

  • Double Ninth Festival on October 27: a Chinese festival showing respect to the elderly. We invited 6 Chinese and American senior citizens to the Cultural Center to share their life experience. USF students acted as interpreters – a good experience for the students in the Chinese language program. They also watched a short video about the festival practice and were entertained with tea and traditional snacks.
  • Chinese Jeopardy on November 9: Thirty questions were designed for American students to compete and learn about Chinese language, culture, history, geography, politics and food. A similar session was done for the Chinese students to learn about American culture and history. Top winners and all participants received award items.
  • “I Love Panda” activity as part of the USF iFest (International Festival) on November 16 in the open MLK Plaza. Many students stopped by the CI booth to have hands-on experience (painting panda on paper fans and panda papercuts) and learn about China. On the same day, we also provided a lion dance and martial art performance attracting hundreds of students at the iFest.

Participants were very interested in these events. The CI is planning to continue and improve such activities in the coming year.

Lions and panda at iFest on Nov. 16

Double Nith Festival on Oct. 27

Students doing panda painting and papercuts

Chinese Jeopardy on Nov. 9