USF Student John Klumpp Wins Top Award in the 2018 International Chinese Bridge Competition
August 28, 2018

The Chinese Bridge Competition is a platform for American and other foreign students to compete in Chinese language proficiency and cultural talent. Each spring, the USF Confucius Institute hosts a local competition for college and high school students. The top winner from both groups travels to the regional competition at UT Dallas. The top winners from UT Dallas go to China during the summer to compete with hundreds of contestants from all over the world for the highest honor in Chinese language and culture learning.

In 2018, USF student John Klumpp (fresh graduate with double majors in finance and Chinese language) won the top award at the regional competition in April. He went to China in early July for the month-long international competition with 152 contestants from over 100 countries. The competition consisted of various levels of presentations with questions from a panel of judges, quiz shows with questions about Chinese culture and history, and talent performance (all in Chinese). John performed at a superb level, especially with his storytelling performance. He won the Championship for the Americas – one of the top five awards among all contestants.

John is hard working and well liked by his peers and teachers as well as the Chinese people he encountered when he did his two-month summer study in Qingdao last year. All his Chinese language teachers and CI staff are impressed by his performance and personality. The amazing thing is that John reached this level after only two years of learning Chinese, thanks to his teachers including Drs. Shepherd and Qin. John is on his way to China to pursue a master’s degree at the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing, with a full Chinese Government Scholarship. We wish him the best for his future careers and effort in “building bridges” between Americans and Chinese.

John Klumpp with award - 2018 Champion for the Americas

John during a quiz show at Hunan TV

John Klumpp on the Award List - Champion of the Americas (highlighted)

John with a group of contestants on the Great Wall

John with his teachers, parents, Drs. Brindley and Caruson and CI staff

The Confucius Institute wishes John well with a gift

Congratulation card from USF teachers and staff

John and other students at the USF competition on March 23

Watch John’s performance at the final Chinese Bridge Competition below: