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2010 International Photo Competition Winners Announced
November 16, 2010

Each year International Affairs sponsors the annual International Photo Competition. Open to students, faculty, staff, and alumni the submissions come from destinations around the globe and provide a visual journey like no other. The 2010 competition categories included: Landscape, Portrait, Study Abroad Photograph, USF Favorite, and Grand Prize. USF Favorite was a new category for 2010; this year all photos were put online allowing any member of the USF community with a net id to vote on their favorite.

Thirteen winners were chosen from over 300 entries, making this no easy task for judge, Noel Smith. Smith is Curator of Education/Latin American and Caribbean Art at the Institute for Research in Art/Graphicstudio, Contemporary Art Museum and Public Art. Each year she generously donates her time to determine the winners of the competition. 

Katie Yaklin, Grand Prize winner in the Portrait category received high commendations from the judge for the emotion in her photograph. “I hope to take portraits of people in other countries as a career. It was great to be recognized for something I hope to do. The kids and the adults were really happy; they were so appreciative of everything that they had, and for each other. They were so excited just to have their photo taken; something that seems so small to us. I mean, we post our pictures on Facebook every day. It was just nice to see the difference. “

Journalism and broadcast major, Priya Jaishanker won an Honorable Mention award in the Landscape category. Passionate about her art, she says “I sent in 10 pieces because I really wanted to win something. And I came back with 1,800 pictures from that trip (Ireland). That was actually one of my mom’s favorite photographs. “