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Peace Corps – Making a Difference
October 4, 2010

Ever wanted to travel to another country and use your skills to help others? If this sounds like something you’re interested in, then get in touch with Katie Roders, the newest Peace Corps recruiter on the USF campus. As the USF Peace Corps recruiter Katie informs students about the programs and opportunities that the Peace Corps offers, and helps send eligible candidates from various disciplines to locations across the globe. Joining the Corps two weeks after graduation, Katie spent two years in Karaganda, a city in Kazakhstan. “Karaganda is like the Chicago of Central Asia,” she says. The city has an obvious degree of western influence, music festivals and cool parks.  Katie is quick to point out nonetheless that this was only one side of the coin. She emphasizes that though the city offers a lot of the urban culture, there are several areas where people are not afforded basic amenities.  Read more>>