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Peace Corps Utilizes Globe Talks to Bring in New Recruits
January 27, 2011

“The aim is to make you a more competitive applicant,” says Katie Roders, Strategic Campus Peace Corps Recruiter at USF. And there’s no doubt that she along with her small staff of interns will do everything it takes to draw in a large number of potential applicants and make sure the Peace Corps opportunity is open to everyone.

Hosting Globe Talks at the University of South Florida every semester, Katie says Globe Talks are the ideal resource for interested candidates to find out more about the Peace Corps and the application process. Returned volunteers often attend Globe Talks to share the wealth of their experiences and answer questions that the audience may have. Moreover, Katie says the innovative stride that the Globe Talks have been taking lately is a definite incentive for people to attend.

With four Globe Talks scheduled to take place this semester, Katie’s game plan is to set her audience in ‘a day in the life’ of a Peace Corps volunteer. Designated community mapping duties, audience members will carry out the same community mapping duties as they would in a Peace Corps destination country.  The Globe Talks will also give attendees the opportunity to discuss volunteer opportunities in the Tampa Bay area and share contact information of organizations that they have either worked with or heard of.

A former Peace Corps volunteer, Katie served in Karaganda, Kazakhstan working with NGOs and women’s groups two weeks after she graduated with a bachelor’s degree. Katie says she can’t emphasize enough the importance of attending a Globe Talk. “Every Peace Corps applicant attends at least one Globe Talk before they send their applications in.” Visit for more information.