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Cuba: With or Without Fidel – A Talk by Ann Louise Bardach
September 23, 2010

International Affairs together with the Institute for the Study of Latin America and the Caribbean (ISLAC) hosted renowned author and journalist, Ann Louise Bardach on September 23, 2010. Having interviewed people including Fidel Castro and Juanita Castro, she is considered an expert on issues surrounding Cuba. Bardach shared her expertise on Cuba’s historical and present relationship with the United States through a series of first-hand experiences.

Reading from her book, Without Fidel, Bardach drew attention to Castro’s almost inhuman ability to stay alive despite having been on the deathbed for long periods of time. “I believe he may just be the one ‘immortal homosapien’.” She spoke of his brother Raoul Castro and the differences between the two, of his closest affiliates and his letters from prison foretelling what Castro would do to Cuba in the future.